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Elevate the fun factor of your dates by downloading the official Cool Date Night quiz app. We're your official 'Conversation Accelerators' and we supply you with crazy and thought provoking questions that help you uncover new things about your partner, break the ice on a first date or rekindle the romance in your marriage. Choose the category that best suits your date night situation, open the app when you're face to face with your special someone and then prepare to be astonished by the set of Cool Date Night questions. Guaranteed: You'll discover something new about the person in front of you!

About Cool Date Night

How it all began

Every relationship needs support. The Co-founder of Cool Date Night created this concept with that fact in mind. Having been a new parent himself, he knew how the stress of transitioning to baby life takes a toll on a couple and how they find themselves in a rut, talking only about children and finances or how they just don't talk at all. So as a gift to his sister and her partner, recent new parents, he created the very first Cool Date Night...on paper!  The twenty quiz questions helped her reconnect with her partner through laughter and surprise, discussing their answers to these crazy multiple choice questions, and she realised how important this face to face connection was and how great it felt to just forget about life's every day stresses and to just let go and have a blast! She co-founded Cool Date Night because she wanted everyone to feel what she felt after that date: Connected to the person in front of her. For real. 

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The Story Behind Cool Date Night

How it all began

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Frequently Asked Questions

What people usually ask about Cool Date Night

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How Can I Get Cool Date Night?

Download it from the App Store or Google Play

How often can I find new Cool Date Night content?

Every month, our research and development team are constantly working to organically generate content from real life scenarios shared by our global community members, friends, family and strangers we eavesdrop on ;-) 
Sometimes silly, sometimes spicy, each set of date questions is assembled with the dater in mind and the life moment they are in.

I’ve seen other Apps that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the best?

What differentiates Cool Date Night from other apps is that: We don't help you set your date up, WE SUPPLY THE QUESTIONS! We are your official CONVERSATION ACCELERATORS. Simply put: Content is King, and ours is the BEST because it is Bot-free. Cool Date Night writers are real people, just like you, assembling the most relevant and thought-provoking content for each date category. Try us our for free and you'll see what we mean ;-) 

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